Pasila Tunnel

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It took me a while before I decided to go explore this tunnel in Pasila and when I did unfortunately I forgot to take a flash light with me. It’s approx. 600m long so when you get to the middle it does get a bit scary. I used the camera’s flash to look around and discovered some hardly soothing drawings on the walls. Dripping water and other sounds amplified by the stone walls also played an important role during the walk. The train I was anxious to meet didn’t come but I imagine that the tracks may be still in use, so take that into account when you visit. (Update: according to Timo L. the end part of the tracks has been removed so no need to fear the train.) You can access it either from the industrial railways next to Pasila’s railway station or from the other side around Kumpula. The tunnel is part of a track that connects the ”container city” on the railway route coming from the north with Kalasatama and the industrial harbours near Hermanninranta. These interesting harbours will soon be removed to make way for new, expensive apartment blocks – part of a bigger plan to convert Helsinki’s old industrial areas into smooth housing districts.
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Sense of direction

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by Edit Bajsz

In the heart of the city, on the Railway Station Square (Rautatientori), on the southern part of it, close to the bike lane, I found a quite large motive in the pavement which looked like the symbol for marking the true north on a map, on a drawing. So one day I took my compass with me, and checked: the arrow is really pointing towards the North.


The pavement of the square was renewed in 2000, but I couldn’t find any information yet whether this was a new thing or did it originally belong to the pavement. So the intention of the pavement-layout-designer remains a guess.

Suomenlinna Tunnel

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Although it is by no means a secret not everyone knows there’s a tunnel connection from the Suomenlinna island to mainland Helsinki. The 1300 metre long tunnel starts in northern Länsi-Mustasaari island and comes out in south-eastern Kaivopuisto by the Läntinen Puistotie street. Apart from providing the islands with hot water the tunnel serves as an emergency route for ambulances, fire brigade and police. The tunnel is nested 63 metres below sea level half of which is rock and half water. About 500 cubic metres of seawater seep into the tunnel every day and have to be constantly pumped out.

photo source

The Suomenlinna tunnel is only one of very many underground passages drilled in the rock underneath Helsinki. There are public transport tunnels like the metro tunnel from Sörnäinen to Ruoholahti, there are numerous sewage tunnels and there is also a system of tunnels connecting Helsinki’s central hospitals that can be used to transport soldiers and medical equipment. The water in Helsinki is brought from the Päijänne lake by means of a 120km long tunnel dug 10-100m deep in the rock.

Read Hugo’s comprehensive comment to find out more about underground Helsinki.

Mysterious Railway Link

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I’ve spotted this mysterious railway track while riding the ‘Jokeri’ bus line number 550 between Itäkeskus and Oulunkylä. In one place the bus actually uses a narrow, old railroad bridge to cross the Vantaanjoki river (see photo below). The track doesn’t look like it’s often used but it seems to be well-kept and operational. It’s linking the metro line with the VR railroads (via warehouses in the Roihupello industrial area) so it could be used to bring metro wagons from production facilities but I also wonder whether it has any strategic meaning (e.g. to transport arms/equipment to the east of Helsinki).

Update: A lot of things got cleared out after a comment from Kalle.
See comments for an update about the history and purpose of these tracks.

Here’s a map showing where the track used to end in Herttoniemi.

Here’s the whole track in the year 1964.

The destruction of industrial Herttoniemi is documented here.

Try to find the track on a larger map.


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Hermanninranta is just a nice spot that I like maybe because it’s a bit “off” despite being quite close to places like Sörnäinen or Arabianranta. It’s basically along the shore between the metro station Kalasatama and Arabia shopping centre. I noticed people go to jog there, to walk their dogs and apparently also just to chill out a bit and hide from the rest of the world. There are some industrial buildings in the area and also a storage yard for yachts. Behind the bushes is a quiet, stony shore.



Kalkkisaarenselkä – Vuosaari Harbour #1

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These photos will quickly become outdated, as the construction of the new harbour area in the waters of kalkkisaarenselkä is progressing fast (see the harbour as of April 2009). What used to be a neglected industrial harbour on the easternmost shore of Helsinki will now be rebuild, modernized and extended into the sea. All of the area seen on the pics below is new land. The whole area is currently as industrial as it gets. Cranes and containers on stone and concrete – all signs of biological life have been removed within a diameter of almost 2 I only saw a couple of disoriented ducks trying to find their way amidst the new, hostile islands.



Kilogram MC

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Somewhere around Tammisto, among the leftovers of some sort of farm yard I have found this weird club. It said Kilogram MC next to the entrance and from behind the closed door I could hear a loud stream of heavy metal sounds despite the fact that it was a sunny Saturday just after noon.

Kilogram MC

Another curiosity were the old, American cars parked in this rural environment. One of them was a beautiful, red hearse (car for dead people) in tip-top shape, with a white roof and plenty of chrome.

Kilogram MC

Keski-Pasila Railways

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The intriguing area between Itä-Pasila and Länsi-Pasila is, with the exception of a few old buildings on the southern edge, entirely occupied by railways and old industrial brick buildings owned by VR. It serves partly as a side-track for old trains and leftovers of broken wagons. The buildings mostly house workshops, industrial companies, warehouses and one of them is used for playing by an association of pétanque.


The old trains are not always the same but if you’re lucky and you find an open car it will offer you a trip into the past. The one I found was in a good state and I could try out the old seats.


The whole area is like a no-man’s-land or an abandoned island in-between the two thriving concrete districts. Placed between the two rocks of Itä- and Länsi-Pasila it seems to be in a hole unaccessible from above.



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An industrial district attached from the east to the Malmi airport. Place recommended for disconnecting from overload of modernity and organisation. A times it looks like taken straight from an American road movie or then again like an abandoned junk yard. There’s even a cafeteria somewhere there for those who are tired of Wayne’s Coffee and fancy something unpredictable for a moment.





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Merihaka is another one-mold multi-level concrete island obviously a conceptual sister city of Itä-Pasila. The lower floor houses a large parking space, a tunnel with bus traffic and is on the same level as the rest of the streets. The upper floor is a large, concrete labyrinth meant to be the living space for the inhabitants.


I heard someone utter a comment, that the owners of Merihaka flats have the best view in this part of the city since they can´t see Merihaka itself out of their windows.


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