Arkadia International Bookshop

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Barely two months ago Ian Bourgeot opened his bookshop with the idea of creating a meeting point and a sort of cultural centre in midst of the Töölö neighbourhood. Already now a plenitude of ideas and plans for the interior and activities in the place are waiting to be implemented. What you can always count on are tons of interesting books in English, French, Spanish, Russian and even Polish and… a hot cup of tea on a comfortable sofa. See map for Hesperiankatu 9 or visit


Taikalamppu Café

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This café is a true rarity in Helsinki as it would be difficult to find an equally colourful and joyous interior anywhere near at this latitude. There’s a piano, chairs and tables in all colours and styles, drawings and decorations all over the walls and plenty of plants everywhere. The two windows and entrance are facing eastwards so during summer season it’s best to come during the first half of the day and enjoy your cake, coffee and newspaper outside in the sun. The name means ‘magic lamp’ (rightly so) and the address is Torkkelinkatu 21 in Kallio which you can see on the map here. Enjoy!

Did I mention it’s cheap? How about some home-made cake with a chunk of ice cream for 2,50! Add a euro to that and you get a coffee too.

Restaurant Pikku-Vallila

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Place as cute as the area where it’s located. In one of the wooden houses of the puu-Vallila district is a tiny bar/restaurant. The atmosphere was quiet and homey when I arrived. After a couple of minutes a big guy came out from the kitchen and took the order. He made me a delicious feta-pesto toast – and not expensive at all. And check out that terrace! I can already see myself there next summer enjoying a beer in the sun.
The place opens in the afternoon and closes around 1-2am. Address: Vallilantie 19 C
Look it up on the map.



Primula Café

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Sweet and stylish café most probably established after the bakery building located at Teollisuuskatu 3 was erected in the mid-sixties. Since then it has continuously served as a café for the workers of the many nearby businesses and for the staff of the Primula Bakery itself. One of the things I liked about it was the varied clientèle – you can see spotless suits and men in oil-stained gear sitting side by side sipping their coffees. And yes, it offers what one can expect – fresh & tasty bread & pastry straight from the bakery and of course coffee, sandwiches, etc… See photo below for the documentation of a casual breakfast set. Open on weekdays from 7-17. Oh, and did I mention that coffee is 1€? I’m definitely coming back to try out other products. Look it up on the map.





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My personal recommendation.
Tasty, healthy and cheap – that´s how we all want to eat. Now there´s somebody who has taken upon himself to deliver such service. That´s Ali, the owner of Trocadero – a small café/restaurant located at Uudenmaankatu 2. Inside it feels like anything else but Northern Europe. ;)




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An industrial district attached from the east to the Malmi airport. Place recommended for disconnecting from overload of modernity and organisation. A times it looks like taken straight from an American road movie or then again like an abandoned junk yard. There’s even a cafeteria somewhere there for those who are tired of Wayne’s Coffee and fancy something unpredictable for a moment.





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A classic for all the visitors and residents of Finland´s capital.
The better the weather the more fellow sightseers you will have around.



Although definitely of touristic character there are still some interesting corners of the islands to be discovered.


For more information on this interesting island check e.g. Wikipedia.

Malmi Airport #1

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Small airport located north-east of the centre of Helsinki near the Malmi district. Here´s where the future pilots obtain their skills.


There is a route around the airport tracks so that you can observe from fairly near how the planes land and start. On the western end of the area a small, round terminal is located housing a cozy cafeteria with great view over the lanes. Note the architecture of the terminal.



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