Penny Lane Boutique

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by Erik Johansson

Penny Lane is a must see for anyone who likes second-hand shopping. The boutique is placed in a most unique and beautiful two-story room. The ceiling is covered with a beautiful mirror and is encircled by a balcony-like upper floor. They have been around for 15 years and house mainly woman’s clothing (a lot of spectacular dresses on the upper floor), but there is also small section of men’s clothing. For instance, I found a couple of dress-suits for rent. If you ever find yourself in need of a masquerade costume, this is the place to go! They have fezes and all other hat-types imaginable. The shop is located on Runebergsgatan 39. See map >>>


Hämeentie Food Shops

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Probably some of Helsinki’s most multicultural areas in terms of small (and big) immigrant shops are the proximities of Hämeentie street and the streets adjacent to it. There are African, oriental and middle eastern shops with an exciting abundance of spices, grains, sauces, herbs and other food products from all around the world.
Pictured here is the Vietnamese supermarket Vii Voan located next to Hakaniemen Kauppahalli. There works a friendly, old man who always runs off into the shop to show me where to find the particular ingredients that I’m looking for. I’ve recently been there to get some Korean kimchi for making kimchijeon and he found me five different kinds of it. After that I supply myself with basmati or jasmine rice and spices like turmeric, cumin, cardamom in a nearby Indian shop. Then there are also the dried beans, peas and lentils, the soya sauces and rice vinegars, the different teas and herbs and so on…
If you have curiosity for foreign foods I strongly advise to pay a visit to these places. The shop assistants tend to be very sympathetic and who knows, they might even share some recipes

I also found a nice Arabic wholesale shop a bit further towards the shore, close to Kalasatama metro station.

Flea Market Valtteri

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This flea market, although very big and popular, you’re not likely to find by accident unless you live near it – it is located inside an old, brick warehouse along Teollisuuskatu (quite near the Primula Café) and the entrance to the precinct is from Aleksis Kiven katu 17. The best time to go hunting for stuff is on weekends when dozens of people set up their stands (during summer season also outdoors). On weekdays only a self-service version is functioning on which you can still find quite purty wares (see pics below) but then any bargaining is out of question since all products have price tags and have to be paid for at the checkout like in a regular supermarket. Look it up on the map.


Valtteri Valtteri

Kierrätyskeskus – Recycling Centre

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This kierrätyskeskus (recycling centre) is one of four such places within the Helsinki Metropolitan area. The basic idea is similar to that of a flea market with the difference being that here it’s mostly furniture you can buy. Still it’s pretty much unpredictable what people will leave there for sale. I found an old Czech enlarger for black & white photography in good working order for only 24€ (with an electric dryer for wet prints as a bonus).
Check their official website for opening hours and addresses.



Myymälä 2

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Shop, gallery – Myymälä 2 is a place to promote young artists and their creations. I found some really decent CDs, publications, clothes and graphic art there. It is always pleasant to encounter self-published products that one would not get to see or hear if not for these kind of places. Check out their web for info on products, exhibitions and events.

Myymälä 2

Entrance is down these stairs at Uudenmaankatu 23.

Myymälä 2

Linnunlauluntie 4

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Linnunlauluntie 4

This is the most peculiar kirpputori (flea market) I have ever seen.
The ground floor of this old building on Linnunlauluntie 4 has been entirely transformed into a labyrith of vintage stuff. There are so many things piled up that you don´t know when you pass from one room to another. It is owned by an elder man who lives there alone and refuses to sell or renovate it.

Linnunlauluntie 4

Linnunlauluntie 4

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