Pasila Tunnel

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It took me a while before I decided to go explore this tunnel in Pasila and when I did unfortunately I forgot to take a flash light with me. It’s approx. 600m long so when you get to the middle it does get a bit scary. I used the camera’s flash to look around and discovered some hardly soothing drawings on the walls. Dripping water and other sounds amplified by the stone walls also played an important role during the walk. The train I was anxious to meet didn’t come but I imagine that the tracks may be still in use, so take that into account when you visit. (Update: according to Timo L. the end part of the tracks has been removed so no need to fear the train.) You can access it either from the industrial railways next to Pasila’s railway station or from the other side around Kumpula. The tunnel is part of a track that connects the ”container city” on the railway route coming from the north with Kalasatama and the industrial harbours near Hermanninranta. These interesting harbours will soon be removed to make way for new, expensive apartment blocks – part of a bigger plan to convert Helsinki’s old industrial areas into smooth housing districts.
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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jussi Pasanen and Janne Saarikko, Lassi Kurkijärvi. Lassi Kurkijärvi said: RT @saarikko @jopas: Exploring a 600m abandoned (?) railway tunnel in Pasila, Helsinki #claustrophobia […]

  2. So happy that you are back in the adventure and show us some more new places! ^^

  3. Thanks! I try to do my best:) By the way, I see from your website that you’re much into photographing. Perhaps you would like to contribute to LH if you find a special place that would fit here? As you probably noticed there are posts of other people here as well (I like to think of this page as an open project).

  4. I love the tags! Couple of questions. How do you find these fantastic maps? And what do you know about the plans for building up the harbour areas? Just that I do look forward to them being built and the shoreline being brought into public use, but I’m not necessarily so keen on the expensive.

    • Hi. The maps I compose myself looking for information in satellite images and other sources. As a basis I use vector maps published by HKL on their web (cleaned and modified).
      As for the harbour areas I know that the entire industrial business of the Länsi and Sörnäinen harbours is to be moved to the new, gigantic Vuosaari harbour in the east. As far as I know the industrial areas will be densely covered with very expensive (view to the sea) apartment blocks – hence the new metro station Kalasatama. On the pictures it doesn’t look very accessible and inviting to outsiders so I don’t know about the ‘public use.’ Having seen other such modern estates (Aurinkolahti) I have little doubt that it will be a dull and up-tight area. At least I don’t see myself exploring it with a camera. :)

  5. I don’t think a train will come because tracks from harbour end have been removed.

    • Yeah, I guess the rails are safe then.. :)

  6. Hey, yes! Of course I would like to contribute and if you like a picture of mine, you can take it and saying that is mine. Have you put Seurasaari? I haven’t seen it in your blog… by now I think you might now more than me. This is just my second year living in Hels, I was living in Rovaniemi : )

    • Hello Angie. Sorry for the huuge reaction delay – I haven’t checked LH for a while.
      No, I don’t have Seurasaari here. Do you think you could prepare a short text + images about it? It would be great to show it from an angle different to the usual tourist sites.

  7. A full story of Pasila tunnel is available here: It is in Czech, but you can use the Google translator.

    • Great, thanks for the insight!

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