Ski Jumping Ramp

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This post is for all those who, like me, had no idea that Helsinki has its very own ski jumping slope. There are actually three of them grouped together on a hillside between the apartment buildings of Western Herttoniemi and the protected area south of Viikki. The wooden construction of the big one is rather vintage looking but well-kept and the perfect state of the slopes indicates that the ramps are in use. Despite the many warning signs I decided to climb to the top to get a better view for taking photos.

A bit further south form the jumping slope I found a small slalom hill with a ramp constructed to help skiers accelerate.



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  1. There used to be one in Meilahti as well (maybe still is..??) where I jumped as a kid and then one day fell badly and that was the end of my ski jumping days….

  2. Great blog!

  3. Do you have an email adress for contributions that is working?

  4. […] Helsinki in all its quirks and small wonders. My favoutrite so far is the rather roughly built ski jump that sits on a hillside between two big […]

  5. The one in Meilahti can be located in the Live Maps. As you can see, it is no longer in use.

    Also I know that there’s one in Keskuspuisto also, but I couldn’t locate it from the maps.

  6. Thanks for the comment. I haven’t heard of neither of those ramps you mention. The one in Meilahti looks like it could be very similar to the accelerating ramp on the photo above (although it’s hard to imagine from the aerial photo on Live Maps in which direction the skiers could accelerate). The Keskuspuisto one I know nothing about. Do let me know when you find it!

  7. Thank you very much for this article. It very interesting.

  8. […] there is still much to find and see in Viiki – for example an old set of three ski jump ramps! I also tried studying the cross-country ski route maps while I was there… they were not 100% […]

  9. I skiied these urban hills in 1963 and ventured a jump at half speed. Surely an older construction. I just barely cleared the hump on my Kastle slaloms.

  10. Many thanks for the share

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