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I’ve spotted this mysterious railway track while riding the ‘Jokeri’ bus line number 550 between Itäkeskus and Oulunkylä. In one place the bus actually uses a narrow, old railroad bridge to cross the Vantaanjoki river (see photo below). The track doesn’t look like it’s often used but it seems to be well-kept and operational. It’s linking the metro line with the VR railroads (via warehouses in the Roihupello industrial area) so it could be used to bring metro wagons from production facilities but I also wonder whether it has any strategic meaning (e.g. to transport arms/equipment to the east of Helsinki).

Update: A lot of things got cleared out after a comment from Kalle.
See comments for an update about the history and purpose of these tracks.

Here’s a map showing where the track used to end in Herttoniemi.

Here’s the whole track in the year 1964.

The destruction of industrial Herttoniemi is documented here.

Try to find the track on a larger map.



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  1. This railroad used to connect Oulunkylä station to Herttoniemi harbour and the near Herttoniemi station. Remnants of the Herttoniemi harbour are scarce now, as that area has been transformed to Herttoniemenranta residential area. The tracks between your shooting point and Herttoniemi were ripped off when the harbour was closed.

    Nowadays it’s used for metro maintenance (apparently you can bump into some metros during night…) Could also be used for the planned Jokeri rail-line in the future.

    Some pics and stuff here:

    unfortunately only in Finnish…

  2. Thanks a lot for the valuable comment!

    My knowledge of Finnish, however limited, hopefully is enough to dig into the info you mentioned.

    Would be great to get a shot of a metro quietly passing through the Viikki neighbourhood at night.

  3. …that would make a nice traffic line for train from the center to Viiki :D I’m sure lots of people would enjoy it to travel to the Biosciences campus :)

    • Yes, indeed. And I’m sure there would also be other ways to use these rails in a way that would benefit more people. I wish railroads would be more the focus of development than highways are nowadays.

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