Vintage Railway Stations

21.04.2008 at 21:59 | Posted in Railroad, Walk Route | 3 Comments

In many locations around Finland you can see old, wooden houses (or sometimes made of brick) next to the railways that are still functioning as station buildings. Below are photos of a few of them that remain in Helsinki though they are not in use any more. Among them is the old Pasila railway station that, in order to be preserved, has been entirely moved to a different location a few hundred metres off the rail track.
These old stations make a very pleasant and sensible counterbalance to the functionalist steel structures of the modern stations. Especially in busy areas, they are loosing their function and becoming obsolete but it is nice to see when they are re-adapted to new functions like the one in Huopalahti that houses a café.

Old Pasila station. Locate it on the map.

Old Oulunkylä station. Locate it on the map.

Old Huopalahti station. Locate it on the map.



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  1. Old Pitäjänmäki station:
    Pitäjänmäki Sockenbacka

    And a couple more of old Huopalahti station:
    Huopalahti station house
    Huopalahti station house

    Old Kauklahti station:
    ... too blue to be true

    And you’ll find some other old wooden stations from Finland here:

  2. Thanks, that makes two more old stations within Helsinki metropolitan area. I’ll be calling one person in VR today to see if I can get a list of all of them.

  3. Huopalahti station. Since years at flickr we try to find the location of two photos from 1918. Now I’ve found a website with the same photo that says Huopalahti, but I am not really convinced. Could you have a look at the comments thread:
    Attack of the German Army in Finland WWI

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