Old Rails in Central Helsinki

21.11.2007 at 19:58 | Posted in History, Industrial, Railroad, Walk Route | 6 Comments

oldrailroad01.jpg Old Rail Tracks

All around central Helsinki there used to be a railroad track by means of which cargo trains could directly access all the important industrial sites around the city’s southern shore. The western part of that track leading from the main Helsinki railway to the western harbour is still in use (photo above left and below) but the rest has either completely vanished or is undergoing a slow decay.


Here and there leftovers of the old rails are still visible from underneath the pavement and I have tracked down traces of them as far as the parking of the Katajanokka Terminal building (photo below left). These seem to be left there almost by accident whereas leftovers of the rails on the Kauppatori square are consciously marked by the pavement design (photo below right).

oldrailroad03.jpg oldrailroad02.jpg



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  1. It’s not central, but have you been to the Pasila-Kumpula tunnel yet?


  2. I saw it while exploring Keski-Pasila.
    I didn’t walk through yet but I noticed you expressed interest in going there sometime. Do let me know and I’ll join.

  3. Yes, let’s do it. Next time I’m around = sometime in the spring.

  4. OK, I’ll be waiting for a signal from you.

  5. Here is some information about the city’s plans to convert the railway-canyon into a pedestrian zone stretching between Töölönlahti and Ruoholahti: (sadly I could only find it in Finnish)

    Have to check what’s the current situation of the project.

    The City Planning Office organized a student competition about the canyon in 2006. Here are some pictures of the winning entry:

  6. […] moved to Kerava in the 1990. The Primula bakery is about to move from Vallila to Järvenpää. The railway track that once enclosed almost the entire city centre is now hardly recognizable anymore. Large areas close to the city centre were rededicated or are […]

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