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In midst of nature but only minutes from the immediate centre. Happihuone is the place to go when you’re tired of cars, traffic, asphalt, noise, office buildings, glass & steel, shops, products, brands and advertising. It’s a wonderful gallery, art space and whatever one wishes it to be. Located in a beautiful spot between the railways and Töölönlahti.
Unfortunately asphalt is taking over and Happihuone is soon to be torn down, just like Makasiinit, Hanasaari A power plant and so many other beautiful, active places with history. A foreign friend of mine commented once that Helsinki is strange in the way that it seems to have been built only recently. Now we know where that impression comes from.
For more info on Happihuone visit:
and notyetbe.stikipad.com/happihuone
or look it up on the map.

Update as of Nov 2007: Finally, after a long struggle, Happihuone has been torn down!

Happihuone Happihuone


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