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by HSS student Graziana Dizonno

Walking on the street and looking around, it is possible to see how much Helsinki is close to the image of Eco city.
Helsinki can satisfy most of the important requirements to reach the future image of Eco city.
It is a green city. Green spaces are accessible from everywhere. Parks, forests, gardens, green islands cover a big area of the city and them offer place where to do recreation, play games for children, where to have green view from the window, quiet and peaceful environment.

Sustainable city.

“Developing city environment conditions and reducing the strain on nature have been mentioned as a challenge for the twenty-first century”. This means to have an efficient mobility system and good public transportation. I’ve never seen tram so punctual! The challenge for Helsinki will be augment this good transportation system also in the rest of the metropolitan area

The technological development is an important support for the realization of the ecological city. Researches and education are important strategies for the promotion of the use of renewable energy resources, ecological techno houses, ecological solutions in transport, etc.

What I have mentioned are some of the important key point of a sustainable city vision. Each planning starts from one big vision. The development of Helsinki is going toward social quality of life for its inhabitants and communities, economic development and environmental sustainability.


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