An aisle to the Kaisaniemi Metro Station

21.08.2007 at 9:05 | Posted in HSS | 1 Comment

by HSS student Yina Zhang

fresco on the wall

a metro aisle

If you just see the fresco on the concavo-convex wall, you could hardly image where you are, museum or cave in the mountain? It is just an aisle to the Kaisaniemi Metro Station, near the main building of Helsinki University. When I come back from Vantaa by metro, I am so surprised to see the simple pictures on the rough wall, without any artifical decoration or advertisement, just low-profile. They bring me calmness. It let me feel that I am not in a place that people are gathering and trains are roaring along us, also not a place that is full of ads. obliging commuters to look at. It is not an excellent natural scene, nor grandly spot, but its simple let me feel so comfortable.



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  1. […] only a moderate surprise because I’d seen a blog entry about these paintings previously (see here) – but nice to see in person nonetheless. We’ve yet to see a moose in Finland, but have […]

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