University facilities – an efffect or cause of urban growth

20.08.2007 at 21:54 | Posted in HSS | 1 Comment

by HSS student Konstantin Kharchenko

I’d like to write a blog about the facilities of the University of Helsinki. At the moment, the development of a city depends in much on the role which the university plays in this process. Some decades ago, during the industrial age, large enterprices were the main driving force of almost every city. Nowadays, in the age of knowledge and information, the universities become more and more significant for the future of the city.The case is how to find the proper way for capital investment. One of these ways are university facilities. Unfortunately, if one speaks of knowledge it is impossible to influence growth rates immediately. What is only accessible is to provide researchers and students with relevant conditions.

First and foremost, I mean expensive research equipment. Yet while installing hi-fi innovative machines it should be remembered that minutiae are not of less importance. They are better visible and understandible by more people.

So, what things were attracted my attention at the University of Helsinki?

1. Special facilities for professors

Special facilities for professors


Each person has his/her own room equipped with modern computers, and there are shared copy machines in the corridor. Special indicators preserve researchers from disturbing. Fruitful work is expected…

2. New buildings in Viiki campus.


It is pleasant to study and work in these fascinating builginds.

3. Computer classes


By now, every university has computer classes. Meanwhile, it is significant not only the presence of computers, but also their accessibility for students. In some cases, one can use computers only after classes, but not in the evening. I think, in the University of Helsinki, 24h Internet access and classes for grop work are the best possibilities for fruiful work.

4. Libraries




Library is the best place for the generation of ideas. Moreover, if you have free access to a large part of the books you needed. Meanwhile, library is not only soulless book shelves, but a special kind of the spirit. And a piano there, as one can see on the photo, is not excessive.

One attractive detail: anywhere, if possible, you can see self-service. The latter not only frees people from monotonous work, but also demonstrates confidence to you. This atmosphere of confidence (however protected somewhat by video and magnetic systems) calls positive emotions so need for innovations. Also, self-service fosters respect to the formal rules.

I’ve chosen this topic because I observed the similar situation in my city, Belgorod (southern Russia). Belgorod had been an out-of-the-way city until the university began to develop very rapidly. By now, Belgorod State University ( is a simbol of our city.


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