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Although Lammassaari is a pleasant and cozy island I was actually mainly impressed by the access. Besides using a boat you can get there by means of a ca 1km long jetty. As you can see from the photo the experience is of very cinematographic nature.


In case you wonder what to do on the island itself, on the northern shore there is a tree-high wooden look-out with great views – recommended not only for bird lovers.
From there you might see the eastern Finnish cows and Finnish sheep landscaping the shore pastures of Viikki-Vanhakaupunki from May until late autumn.


Also, if you look well enough, you might find this hidden passage from Lammassaari to Kuusiluoto. Very exciting! ;)



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  1. […] they’re great birds to keep one amused, and always lovely to watch. We also walked across a rather long boardwalk to Lammassaari, but had to turn around as soon as we reached the island so that we could be home in […]

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