Malminkartano Railwaystation

9.06.2007 at 12:00 | Posted in Architecture, Go At Least Once, Railroad, Show a Foreign Friend | 2 Comments

The most picturesque train station I have seen in Helsinki. It is placed within a tunnel bored through a rocky hill. This way the rock serves as walls and ceiling for the station.
I would definitely number it among Helsinki’s most monumental structures, possibly more impressive than some of the constructions advertised to tourists.


It used to have huge wall paintings on both sides created during one session by graffiti artists, but in 2004 these were removed and replaced by a more bland, repetitive lamp motive. This was due to the “stop töhryille” policy introduced in Helsinki in 1998. More on Wikipedia (FI).




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  1. I was there today, it looks not very good now, cos of renovation. I recommend to visit after they are finished.

  2. It was quite horrible and dusty when I was there, but they’re still renovating. The lamp-posts are very repetitive and bland, surely they could have something better painted there.

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