Kilogram MC

7.06.2007 at 20:43 | Posted in Beer/Drink Place, Strange | 3 Comments

Somewhere around Tammisto, among the leftovers of some sort of farm yard I have found this weird club. It said Kilogram MC next to the entrance and from behind the closed door I could hear a loud stream of heavy metal sounds despite the fact that it was a sunny Saturday just after noon.

Kilogram MC

Another curiosity were the old, American cars parked in this rural environment. One of them was a beautiful, red hearse (car for dead people) in tip-top shape, with a white roof and plenty of chrome.

Kilogram MC



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  1. Just found this by accident.

    Are you sure it is ok to go to somebody’s private yard, and take some pictures from somebody’s front door and cars, comment the sounds you hear there, and then post them to some blog?

    Do you have permission to this from the owners of these premises and cars?

    If so, you really should mention that in your blog entry.

    If not, I guess you are breaking several different laws here, should you think a bit more, before you do something like this…Just a friendly advice. Would you like someone to come over your house taking pictures, and publishing them? Adding some comments about noise you happened to make at that time…

    • Do you know this place and its status?
      As far as I remember (this is a VERY old post) it was a rock bar and there was an open road leading up to it. After all it’s posted in the ‘beer/drink space’ category, right? I’m not interested in exploring people’s homes but public and accessible spaces.

  2. it’s not illegal to post some photos about someones “house” , car (if no driver register on it) and yard. It’s a public place and free for that kind of action.

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