Keski-Pasila Railways

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The intriguing area between Itä-Pasila and Länsi-Pasila is, with the exception of a few old buildings on the southern edge, entirely occupied by railways and old industrial brick buildings owned by VR. It serves partly as a side-track for old trains and leftovers of broken wagons. The buildings mostly house workshops, industrial companies, warehouses and one of them is used for playing by an association of pétanque.


The old trains are not always the same but if you’re lucky and you find an open car it will offer you a trip into the past. The one I found was in a good state and I could try out the old seats.


The whole area is like a no-man’s-land or an abandoned island in-between the two thriving concrete districts. Placed between the two rocks of Itä- and Länsi-Pasila it seems to be in a hole unaccessible from above.




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  2. […] may be still in use, so take that into account when you visit. You can access it either from the industrial railways next to Pasila’s railway station or from the other side around Kumpula. The tunnel is part of a track that connects the ”container […]

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