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I have been told by my friend that this Vantaa district is one of the worst neighbourhoods in Helsinki Metropolitan Area. I don´t take it very seriously when Finns call a neighbourhood “tough” so I decided to go and see for myself. Although this little and tall concrete village is by far not comparable with places I´ve seen further east of the globe I do have to admit it has a desperate and sad feel to it. It was a grey and cold Saturday noon and most of the people I saw on the street already had their couple of beers that morning (to say the least). I even spotted some blood stains in front of two of the local bars. Definitely beats my own Tapulikaupunki.


Nostalgic retro hamburger stand.




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  1. Heh, you went to Koivukylä… :) I’ve also taken few pictures while living in there, check the link!

  2. The area is insecure and I felt threatened when I was walking there.

  3. Hi guys,

    can you please provide me a few info about the districts of Helsinki? I have an offer of a flat in Tapulikaupunki, which seems to be cheap, and I do not know how secure it is. According to this “forum” it isn’t. I can not check it, as I am in the Netherlands now. so please provide me some info.

    Thank you!!

    • Well, finally I don’t know whether you’re talking about Koivukylä or Tapulikaupunki nevertheless questions of so-called security are very relative and ambiguous. I myself grew up in Warsaw and avoid gated communities at all cost. I used to live in Tapulikaupinki for 6 months and found it a peaceful and quiet place even though previously I heard opinions about it being a “tough neighbourhood”. The most shocking stuff I experienced were a few drunk people on the weekends…

  4. Hahahha finland has no ghetto, all we have is a few somalis and drunks in east and north suburbs it ain’t no tuff place
    Go to estonia if you wanna see some ghetto areas

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