Myymälä 2

10.03.2007 at 22:48 | Posted in Buy Stuff, Gallery / Art Space, Get Some Clothes, Go At Least Once, Show a Foreign Friend | 5 Comments

Shop, gallery – Myymälä 2 is a place to promote young artists and their creations. I found some really decent CDs, publications, clothes and graphic art there. It is always pleasant to encounter self-published products that one would not get to see or hear if not for these kind of places. Check out their web for info on products, exhibitions and events.

Myymälä 2

Entrance is down these stairs at Uudenmaankatu 23.

Myymälä 2



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  1. i really enjoy your locating helsinki website

  2. Thanks Gary!
    I started it in Jan 2007 as a BA diploma and I continued the project because I noticed many people were interested.

    I also started an online calendar with free events in Helsinki (, but so far I haven’t had the time for it nor did I find people willing to help.

  3. this site is brilliant still not seen all of it only spent 36hrs in finland(helsinki) 2007 but desperate to re-visit how long have u lived here and what inspires you about the city my e/mail

  4. how do i re-find the pics of trams taken every day for 1 year

  5. Hi randla,
    I’ve lived quite long in Helsinki – altogether about ten years but with long intervals. I connect a lot with many places in the city but more often than not they are hidden, old and abandoned places. In that sense I’m not a big fan of modernisation although I do appreciate the functional benefits of development.
    What do you mean by “re-find”?

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