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To get to the island of Mustikkamaa you have to first cross the Kulosaari island.
In season Mustikkamaa indeed is full of blueberries since it mainly consists of forest. All year round it is the perfect place for sport lovers. There is plenty of paths to walk or jog with wooden structures for exercise. During winter the entire tennis courts, basketball courts and football field are covered with ice and consistently maintained. In the summer I advise to visit the beach along the southern shore of the island!


There´s yet another island to explore after crossing Kulosaari and Mustikkamaa – Korkeasaari. This island is entirely occupied by a zoo and to cross the bridge pictured below you have to buy a ticket first.

Bridge to Korkeasaari


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  1. […] and why someone taped the word “LIGHTS” on this old ladder lying around somewhere on Mustikkamaa, Helsinki will remain a mystery. We are left with these quite expressive and frank letters made […]

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