Linnunlauluntie 4

11.02.2007 at 13:30 | Posted in Architecture, Buy Stuff, Go At Least Once, History, Show a Foreign Friend, Strange | 2 Comments

Linnunlauluntie 4

This is the most peculiar kirpputori (flea market) I have ever seen.
The ground floor of this old building on Linnunlauluntie 4 has been entirely transformed into a labyrith of vintage stuff. There are so many things piled up that you don´t know when you pass from one room to another. It is owned by an elder man who lives there alone and refuses to sell or renovate it.

Linnunlauluntie 4

Linnunlauluntie 4



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  1. […] piles of clothes and electronics. Walking around Eläintarhanlahti Bay to the right brings you to Linnunlaulu, the imposing gothic mansion with hand printed wallpaper, which hosts artists visiting Helsinki and […]

  2. I remember when that very house was used as a kindergarten. I once spent a day there when I was a kid.

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