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Itä-Pasila is one of the most interesting districts I have seen in Helsinki. It is an urbanistic experiment elevated in the mid-seventies around the same time as another similarly grey district – Merihaka.


The idea of both concrete jungles was to create separate layers for the cars and for the people. While Merihaka is only a group of buildings Itä-Pasila is itself a city within the city housing over 3500 people and concentrating many more thousands of workplaces.





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  1. why dont you take some pictures in the summer, and they whould look happier? or maby in the winter when there is some snow? now you’we just caught it at it’s worst (the city I mean)

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment.

    Honestly I don´t see much purpose in trying to make Itä-Pasila look happier.
    My intention is not to make the places look as good as possible but to document my impression about them. I see Pasila as a grey and sad place.

    You´re welcome to submit your own impression about it.

  3. Honestly, Itä-Pasila would not look that much happier in the summer or in the snow. It was a future project that didn’t really work as well as hoped. The thing that makes a place happy is people, and Itä-Pasila as such is not that inviting.

    • Indeed, it would be quite a different place if lively. Instead most of the time it looks like a ghost town. It seems that people use it only as a dormitory so the streets never get busy.

  4. Hey !!

    I’m going for 5 months to Hellsinki in January and will study and live in Pasila too.

    Is it good located to go out at night and is a Cab expensive from the Centre to Pasila?

    How about snowboarding?
    Ist it easy to get on weekends from there to some nice spots to shred or antything?

    What tipps and hints could you give me beside of that ?

    Thank you ….Mike

  5. Hello Mike! I’ve never taken a cab from the centre to Pasila but I’ve walked many times the distance and it took me less than 30min.

    No idea about snowboarding. Suggestions anyone?…

  6. […] lo explicaré en otro post), así que si alguien tiene preferencia por vivir en alguna zona como Pasila o Espoo, que lo haga constar ahí. Al cabo de un mes o así nos llegó por correo ordinario la […]

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